Samsung Galaxy A8s Specs Gets Revealed Ahead Of Launch


If you were thinking about the Infinity-O screen - that screen-with-a-hole design that we keep seeing in leaks - that's not exactly it.

Despite that, there is one thing that these new devices seem to be incapable of, and that is the facial recognition technology have been adapted by many other smartphone brands. Some of you must be wondering that why it is used or what feature will it add, basically it creates a true all-screen phone with a small cut-out which is included for the front-facing camera.

It is not clear yet whether Samsung will decide to clean up a 3.5 mm audio Jack of the flagship Galaxy S10 and Note10, announcements are expected, respectively, at the end of winter and end of summer 2019.

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GIS and O-film will be waiting in the wings for similar orders for the Note 9 phone, the report said. Scheduled for launch sometime next year, the phone is expected to crush the competition with its plethora of new features and high-end specs. Samsung chose to reuse its 2017 Galaxy S design again in 2018, and the result is a screen that is decidedly dated. The Galaxy S8 was the first phone rumored to come with an all-screen display and a built-in fingerprint sensor. Also, the device is rumoured to be launched with 6GB RAM and 128GB internal storage which will be expandable up to 512GB through a microSD card. Samsung phones have stayed away from the notch craze and the company has even made fun of Apple for including it on the iPhone X. We don't know who is going to be the first to introduce a notchless phone but the race appears to have two companies, Samsung and Huawei.

Tech Giant, Samsung is preparing well to launch their new mid-range smartphone - Galaxy A8s with company's Infinity-O display. At first, the screenshot looks not-so suspecting, however, if you take a glance at it, you'll see that the icons on the right side of the status bar are placed just along the right-side while there is a margin or buffer of few inches on the left side of the screen.