Google wants to officially ditch Hangouts for RCS messaging in 2020


Hangouts Chat and Hangouts Meet would still be a part of Google's G Suite.

According to 9to5Google, a source familiar with the product's internal roadmap said it would shut down sometime in 2020.

Furthermore, it is expected that Google could unveil new messaging apps, replacing Google Hangouts. Since 2012, when it killed the Google Talk, the company has tried a number of messaging apps. Google first announced back in 2016 that it was refocusing Hangouts for use in the enterprise space, and then in March 2017, two new services were announced in the form of Hangouts Chat and Hangouts Meet - a Slack competitor and video chat platform, respectively.

The old Hangouts service was just a relic waiting to be killed, and now the multicoloured grim reaper has drawn its scythe.

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The news doesn't come as a surprise as Google had long ago stopped updating Google Hangouts.

Google has a history of shelving services that arent as popular as they once were.

With Hangouts now being used for business purposes and Chat being developed for consumer use, the regular Hangouts app no longer serves any real objective. The idea so far, from whatever we know at the moment, is to create with the RCS messaging app something that is similar to Apple's iMessage that is only available to iPhone users.

In 2012, GTalk and WhatsApp were arguably evenly matched although it was clear that WhatsApp was growing while Google's app, which was available on mobile as well as desktop, was stagnant. In the consumer market, Google has turned its focus on RCS and its Messages app.