Antibiotic Resistance Is A Global Threat Which Must Be Addressed


Unless health professionals practice more judicious antibiotic use in human health care while we drastically reduce non-therapeutic use in food animal production, experts predict that drug-resistant infections could kill more people worldwide each year by 2050 than cancer kills today.

"Antibiotic resistance is becoming one of the biggest threats to global health according to the World Health Organization".

"These resistant bacteria may infect humans and animals, making infections like pneumonia, tuberculosis and gonorrhea harder to treat". Antibiotics can cure bacterial infections only - they cannot cure viral infections, as Dr. Hisham Ziglam, Senior Consultant in Infectious Diseases at Hamad General Hospital explained.

"This means longer and more expensive treatment of infectious diseases and postoperative complications, higher mortality rates".

Ahead of the World Health Organisation's World Antibiotic Awareness Week, researchers and doctors from Imperial College London reveal six things they'd like patients to know about antibiotics, so we can win the fight.

Historically, antibiotics were first used during World War II.

She said that laboratories across the continent could help by looking out for evidence of resistance in bacteria they saw.

By 2050, drug-resistant infections are predicted to lead to an estimated 2.4 million excess deaths in developed countries alone, according to a recent projection by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), which represents nations like Canada, Australia, the US and the United Kingdom.

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"The rampant use of antibiotics for treatment of common colds is alarming as most colds/flu/coughs are caused by viruses which are not susceptible to antibiotics". That routine use of antibiotics contributes to the rise and spread of certain drug-resistant bacteria known as "superbugs".

If measures aren't taken to stop anitbiotic resistance - like using the drugs in health animals - common infections could one day become deadly when medications fail. Hold your doctor accountable and see that antibiotics are only being prescribed when truly needed and consider the use of antibiotics when choosing where your food dollars go.

If not contained, AMR could threaten the gains achieved with the discovery of antibiotics in the 20th century and the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals, in particular, attaining good health and well being, doctors said.

While the antimicrobial resistance occurs naturally over time and through genetic changes, misuse and overuse of antimicrobials is accelerating this process, according to a press release from the health ministry.

The problem is that the pharmaceutical industry is investing neither time nor money to look for new antibiotics.

Avoid visiting people in hospital if you are unwell yourself.

He also asked for the system for availability of medicines only on current dates.

He called on farmers to withdraw from selling and drinking milk from a cow which is being treated with antibiotics as the same medication is found in milk and is risky if ingested by human beings.