"Bizarre": Virat Kohli On Ravi Shastri Being Called A Yes Man


"Not necessarily look for individual performances but bat well together".

Virat Kohli was addressing a press conference ahead of the 64-day tour of Australia. "The bowlers are in a great space". We have a bowling attack as good as any team in world cricket and we can take wickets.

Cricket Australia took measures to change the perception of national team players obsessed with winning at all costs, even alienating fans in the process. "So 13 games. So we will try and play the best team at all times", Shastri said. Things that conveniently need to be put out there will be put out there. There were a lot of things that we sat down and figured out after England as to what went wrong. That's something we realise as a team also. If they want to play a certain way, we will reciprocate in that way, that is how cricket goes. Because I'm on my own out there. When you are playing every ball, the focus has to be precisely on what the team wants. "But the whole combination has to come together to win a series, not just a Test and feel happy about it". What we did right, why we won a Test match? It's not about forgetting a victory and enjoying it. "And that's consistency. And we need to be more consistent as a team", he said.

The Virat Kohli-led side began 2018 riding on high expectations after extraordinary performances at home in previous years but succumbed to 1-2 and 1-4 series defeats in South Africa and England respectively. "We have 13 games, so we will look to play the best team at all times", he added. It's our batting if we score 350 runs in first innings, I think we will be very hard to beat. We need to be consistent as a team. We expect individuals to assess situations and find a solution rather than believing a solution will appear from somewhere. For that to happen people will have to take more ownership. We have to keep breaking it down. That was the difference in the series. We've done for that a game, but we want that to last for a series. Once they start losing, they will get a lot of criticism for that. But no tour of Australia is a gentle experience. These are very personal thing that happens in the team environment.

"When it comes to getting engaged in argument on the field or fight, I have been completely okay playing without the altercation". "I have enough belief in my ability to play without a reason to pump myself up". So that I can get pumped up, and I don't feel the pressure and the focus is precise.

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Kohli also threw his weight behind the contributions of Ravi Shastri as a coach.

"About [Shastri] saying "yes" all the time [to me], that's the most weird thing I've heard". "About saying yes all the time, that is the most freaky thing I've heard". In Indian cricket, I don't think there is anyone else who has said no to me more than him honestly.

"There are not too many games now".

"At a time when we were going through a hard phase in England in 2014 - he has been the most important factor in helping me get out of my shell". To get the best out of players he's been the most important factor. "It's about man-management which Ravi bhai has done brilliantly in the time he's been with us".