Baby snatched by monkey dies in Taj Mahal city


This is the latest incident in a spate of monkey attacks in Agra, where they have become increasingly desensitised to humans. "The monkey bit the neck of the infant and clawed other parts of his body", a neighbour told the Hindustan Times.

The baby died of his injuries at a local hospital.

The newborn baby was reportedly in his mother's arms inside their home in the northern city of Agra when the animal entered the house and grabbed the child.

"One of the monkeys snatched the baby from his mother who was breastfeeding him, and ran away with the baby", said Ajay Kaushal, officer in charge of the Sikandra police station, on Wednesday.

The baby named Sunny was found in a terrace adjacent to his mother, Neha's house and was pronounced dead on arrival to hospital.

A 58-year-old woman died after being attacked by simians when she had gone out of her house to relieve herself at Thok Mohalla here, two days after an infant was killed by a monkey in the city.

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"They threw stones at the monkey to force it to drop the baby but by the time he abandoned it, he had already attacked him severely on the face", Abhishek was quoted as saying.

The local police added that two months ago another toddler was attacked in the same area.

"We have registered a case of unnatural death and are getting an autopsy done".

They also passed a resolution at the meeting, demanding adequate compensation to victims of monkey attacks.

Mr Singh said a growing group of organisations and individuals want the government to step in and control the population of the monkeys.

Environmental activist Shravan Kumar said monkeys are turning more aggressive as their natural habitats have been destroyed and forest cover is gradually vanishing and they go in search of food and shelter.