Lorde Calls Out Kanye West & Kid Cudi For Copying Stage Design


Ironically, she's now accusing Kanye of running away with that exact set design for Kids See Ghosts' debut performance at Camp Flog Gnaw last weekend.

West and Cudi's new set up features a floating glass box stage.

On Tuesday, Lorde posted pictures of her own and West's stage design saying, "Don't steal - not from women or anyone else - not in 2018 or ever".

The same designer also appears to have planned Lorde's floating box set at Coachella (seen in the photo on the bottom left and in detail here), according to Lorde and Devlin's posts on Instagram.

Wendy then asked Lorde's age (she's 22), and when she heard, she just let out a loud laugh.

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Another day, another Kanye West feud. During Lorde's Melodrama world tour, Lorde performed in and had dancers in a similar looking box.

Interestingly, Kanye was the first artist to use a floating platform stage in 2016 during his Saint Pablo tour.

The similarities were noted by Lorde, who shared images of the clear rectangular prism box she used during her tour and 2017 Coachella show.

The backlash has already begun with one Kanye follower commenting: "Lorde called, she wants her production back".

"After performing again, I realise the new album I've been working on isn't ready yet". The rapper delivered his album, Ye and his joint effort with Kid Cudi, Kids See Ghosts within a week apart from each other. I'll announce the release date once it's done.