You can soon 'unsend' messages on Facebook Messenger


WhatsApp, a service now also owned by Facebook, gives users 68 minutes and 16 seconds to remove a mistakenly sent message.

In addition to saying it would no longer be deleting execs' messages, Facebook said the unsend feature would be rolling out to all users at a later date.

Who hasn't sent a message and immediately wished they could take it back?

Indeed, it would - and that's why some of the most popular messaging platforms in use today (i.e., WhatsApp) have recently introduced the ability to "unsend" any message dispatched via its mobile chat application for up to one hour after the message had sent. The bad news is that you'll only get 10 minutes after sending a message to delete it. At least, that's how its worked for users whose name isn't Mark Zuckerberg.

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Facebook announced the upcoming feature in the "coming soon" section of its latest rundown detailing what's new in the version of Facebook Messenger on the App Store.

According to reports, the feature can only be used within 10 minutes of sending the message.

But we do know the feature has been in the works since back in April, having been first spotted in testing last month. Maybe you sent a picture to someone you didn't want to. Gmail actually holds the email in a que for the time interval chosen.

At the time of the discovery, when editing messages already sent in a conversation, the "Unsend Message" option will appear.