Susan Westwood Arrested for Harassing 2 Black Women in Charlotte Parking Lot


A white woman caught on video harassing two black women turned herself in to police on Saturday, NBC News affiliate WCNC reports. She was then transported to the Brunswick County Sheriff's Department and served with the outstanding misdemeanor warrant as well as four criminal summons.

Westwood disappeared after the October 19 incident in a parking lot of her Charlotte apartment complex. Westwood said to the sisters.

Westwood also called 911, telling the dispatcher she would pay $2,500 "to get them out of here", according to authorities.

Police charged Westwood with misuse of the 911 system after listening to the calls from the night two women said she harassed them while they waited outside their apartment.

"Folks that are trying to break into apartments, they're actually people that I've never see here before but they are African-American", Westwood said on the 911 call.

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In the video, Westwood makes statements accusing the two women of dealing drugs and making a reference to having a concealed weapon in her home.

An emergency dispatcher was heard telling Westwood that first responders received a call about someone's vehicle breaking down at the location Westwood indicated.

Th video shows Westwood appears to engage the other women without provocation, The Charlotte Observer previously reported. She brags about earning $125,000 a year, adding that she's "white" and "hot". But, Westwood continues to berate them, repeatedly asking, "Do you live here?" Westwood told police, according to the station. She added that "there's no vehicle broken down, there's somebody trying to cause problems". Since the video has gone public, Westwood's employer, Spectrum Cable, fired Westwood.

Another white woman in St. Louis was sacked from her job after a video went viral in which she blocked a black man from entering his own apartment building. "Just get them the f-- out of here right now".