Pokemon Go Dev Launches New Game, Ingress Prime


Revamped re-release Ingress Prime launched last night for iPhone and Android devices.

We all know that Pokemon GO is also an early AR app developed by Niantic Labs, but the first foundation of its idea came from the Ingress. If you had already played the game before and you have an account, you can just log into the new version after updating the old app into the App Store or PlayStore.

This includes a shiny green Cubone and blue Ponyta being launched today and now available for capture. It certainly feels like this could be added to Pokmon Go properly in the near future.

Additionally, players will get free items of avatar clothing that tie into Ingress Prime.

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The Ingress subreddit has been flooded with negative responses to the update (via Android Police), with many bemoaning a perceived pivot towards "pay-to-win" style mechanics and a host of bugs. Vying for control of these Portals are two warring sides known as The Enlightened and The Resistance, and once players complete the game's training segment, they'll need to choose a faction to side with.According to Niantic, the story in Ingress Prime will evolve based on the outcome of the game's real-world Anomaly events, which have players from both factions working together "for a weekend of competition, exploration, and celebration".

The most unique thing about the game is it's built on Niantic's Real Wold Platform with location scouting. In many ways, Ingress Prime remains unchanged.

As Agents collaborate and compete, the story will expand through a new interactive hub which serves as the entry point into the deep Ingress universe. With GO now almost two-and-a-half years into its lifespan, Niantic has been able to return some of its focus to its own IP.

"The engineering that goes into those features can then be more easily integrated into each of our games", Wang continued, "so when you ask specifically about prestige, some elements of that are very specific to Ingress, in particular the levelling and badges, [but] there's an amount of technology for features that do get put into libraries that can be used later, and there's an amount of learning that is then spread throughout our organisation".