Google rebrands Files Go to 'Files by Google'


Meanwhile, the developer can ensure that they have done everything that they can to ensure that users have the most up to date version because the app can be pushed to install in the background using the automatic updates feature. One is a full-screen update where the app user is prevented from using the app until the update has been completed.

Google today relaunched its Files Go file management app for Android as Files by Google.

The latter - which Google calls "flexible in-app update" - will be for new but not pressing features. With Immediate in-app updates, the application will show a notice as soon as the app is opened that an update is required in order to start using it.

The second option is a flexible update that allows the user to continue using the app while the update continues in progress.

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The API gives developers an immediate in-app update option that can be used mainly to push critical updates.

Sure, the Play Store isn't flawless and you can still install a malicious app once in a while, but Google says that "Android devices that only download apps from Google Play are 9 times less likely to get a PHA than devices that download apps from other sources". We think so simply because it looks like you have to actively seek out the update, instead of having a pop up appear on your screen.

For now, the new In-app Updates API will only be available to Android developers who are early access partners.

Google is enabling users to have up-to-date Android apps all the time - without making any efforts to download them by visiting Google Play.