Assassin’s Creed Odyssey gets New Quests and more this November


These are free questlines that will have both old and new characters in them involved in a whole load of new adventures.

The second episode, titled "Divine Intervention", requires you to meet a mysterious woman who tests your strength through various impossible trials.

New epic events will regularly appear in the game, as an epic mercenary or epic ship that you will have to hunt. Defeating them garners you rare currency. There's two new packs to buy, one normal pack and one naval pack, each with their own additions available at the store and the Oikos of the Olympians vendor. "Keep an eye out for them near the end of November!"

The update will also allow you to transmog your gear.

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Good stuff, but are you still exploring the Greek world? Speaking of, with this month's update, the level cap will be raised by another 20 steps. 'This will be available for all players. New quests will be added, one, in particular, has Alexios/Kassandra filling in the role of an actor in a play. For those who've already exceeded the current 50 levels, the extra XP you've already earned will be converted into ability points, so you don't take too much of a hit.

Accessibility for our players has always been an important topic for Assassin's Creed.

Furthermore, players will be able to custom their controller way of play, an option to auto-craft arrows will be added and the controversial Boost XP can be paused at any time during its time limit.

Steropes the Cyclops, which arrives later this month, will become the latest member of the roster of creatures within the game, and will allow players to challenge him on November 13th via the new Lightning Bringer quest, and by beating him players can land a new legendary bow.