MD PTV removed after typo during PM Imran’s China speech


While the ticker describing the event got the spellings of Beijing right in Urdu, the word misspelt in English resulted in a major embarrassment for PTV as well as the government.

The faux pas is particularly scathing since Khan is looking to secure support from China to overcome massive economic hurdles in the country.

Interestingly, during his visit to China, PM Khan is said to have sought financial support from Beijing.

In his comments on Tuesday, Umar said "we had told you about the Dollars 12 billion financing gap, of which USD 6 billion have come from Saudi Arabia, and the rest has come from China".

"The foreign minister made a long speech in Senate and while it revolved around the prime minister's offer of acting as a mediator between Saudi Arabia and Yemen, he did not answer any of the questions put forth by the Opposition", Rehman said.

Pakistan's current account deficit widened 43% to $18 billion in the fiscal year that ended in June, while the fiscal deficit has ballooned to 6.6% of gross domestic product. "A relationship that has been operating at a high level and we have been offering our assistance to Pakistan in the best of our capacity".

"In the light of Pakistan's need in future as per the mutual agreement, we will continue to help economically and in other sectors", Hua added.

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Some of his ministers too sounded critical of it.

Pakistan is also seeking a bailout from the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

About the outcome of Khan's visit, Hua said, "we believe his visit is very successful".

The sources had further said that Dr Siddiqui's request had been conveyed to the prime minister.

Siddiqui was interrogated by United States officials in Afghanistan when she grabbed a rifle and opened fire, shouting "death to Americans".

Besides agreeing to strengthen the all-weather strategic partnership, both the countries have also agreed to expand the CPEC projects and establish strategic dialogue mechanism between their foreign ministers, she said.