Democrats fight to win control of the House in 2018 midterms


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The Senate majority leader is Mitch McConnell of Kentucky.

Polls began at 6 p.m. eastern in parts of in and Kentucky, capping off a long day of anticipation. But the closeness of the toss-up races - Republican Sen.

Facebook also blocked about 115 user accounts after U.S. authorities tipped it off to suspicious behaviour that may be linked to a foreign entity, the company said hours voting began.

Georgia offers two key races in the Atlanta suburbs - one of which is the 6th District, which was the site of a hotly contested special election previous year that Republicans held, but polls show the race is even tighter this time around.

He noted that Republicans now hold 33 governorships, compared to 17 for the Democrats.

- Access to abortion and abortion funding is on the ballot in three states. But that didn't keep Trump, who has two more campaign stops in IN and Missouri tonight, from encouraging his supporters to get out to the polls. Senate Republicans can continue to confirm judges at record rates.

This is because 23 of the 35 seats up for election are under Democrats control and the Republicans have more opportunity to capture them.

Trump is stressing Senate contests like Indiana's after sending signals that maintaining the House may be out of reach.

Here comes the first big wave of races - nearly 30 competitive House races, five competitive Senate races and seven big ones for governor.

Florida is likely the most crucial state in this the hour, with important races up and down the ballot. Several television networks, including the president's favorite Fox News Channel, yanked a Trump campaign advertisement off the air on the eve of the election, determining that its portrayal of a murderous immigrant went too far. The GOP's grip on high-profile governorships in Florida, Georgia and Wisconsin were at risk as well. Other seats in the state were also considered in play.

So do these projections mean that Democrats are certain to retake the House?

The campaigns are canvassing neighborhoods and looking for people who still have not voted.

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"We always knew these races are going to be close", said Rep. Katherine Clark of MA, co-chair of House Democrats' recruitment efforts. A federal court threw out this attempt in Georgia, allegedly a planned effort by Republican candidate for the post of governor, its current secretary of state Brian Kemp.

The final polls varied, but they were generally good for Democrats. The closeness of the result is such that the seven races within four points in California, Maine and Washington could be determinative.

The midterms are being watched beyond America's borders - as Trump's moves cause ripples internationally. The race to replace Scott as governor has also been tight - with Democrat Andrew Gillum hoping to become the state's first African-American governor.

Polls in Virginia and Florida begin closing at 7 p.m. ET with the majority closed by 9 p.m. He's been spending a lot of time in New Hampshire. Democrats are likely to flip the governor's mansion in MI, and are hoping to finally oust Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, but that race is another true toss-up. He told the AP last month that he won't bear any responsibility should Democrats take over.

Indeed, progressive Democrats want to spread these values throughout our nation.

If ever there was an off-year election for younger voters to break tradition, this is it.

Republicans were also being challenged outside Norfolk, where Rep. Scott Taylor faced Elaine Luria in the GOP stronghold.

"If they lose this November, the civil war inside the Democratic Party is going to consume them for years and is going to make Donald Trump's re-election in 2020 a forgone conclusion", he said. That had always been a GOP stronghold that flipped to Clinton in 2016.

Trump's Republican coalition is increasingly older, whiter, more male and less likely to have a college degree.

Finally, University of Virginia Professor Larry J. Sabato's Crystal Ball ratings project 229 seats leaning to the Democrats and 206 at least leaning to the Republicans.

This is the worldview openly championed by one of the top congressional leaders of the Democratic Party.

Julie Hoeppner, a 67-year-old psychologist in IN, voted early for Republican candidates, also citing illegal immigration as a primary concern. Days later, an avid Trump supporter was arrested for mailing pipe bombs to prominent critics of the president, all of whom Trump routinely derides as "evil" and "un-American". The main Republican superPAC started spending to help shore him up.

Democrats were most optimistic about the House, a sprawling battlefield set largely in America's suburbs where more educated and affluent voters in both parties have soured on Trump's turbulent presidency, despite the strength of the national economy. This, though, is Republicans' best chance to flip a gubernatorial seat with Mike Dunleavy.