Rebel Wilson Faces Backlash Over Comments Made On 'The Ellen Show'


"Black women's bodies don't matter when it comes to White women like Rebel Wilson", one woman said.

She also apologised for blocking fans on Twitter who corrected her original comments.

Not only is it smart to watch what you say on social media, but also what you do. Wilson has since been blocking #BlackTwitter after being called out. To be part of a problem I was hoping I was helping makes it that much more embarrassing and hard to acknowledge. Several dozen people have been blocked, many of them Twitter-verified Black people and plus-sized people in the entertainment industry. "Again, I am deeply sorry".

While promoting the trailer for her upcoming romantic comedy Isn't It Romantic - in which she stars opposite Liam Hemsworth - on The Ellen Show, the 38-year-old Aussie actress said, "I'm proud to be the first-ever plus-sized girl to be the star of a romantic comedy".

I love @RebelWilson as much as the next girl, but she isn't the first plus sized woman to play the lead in a romantic comedy.

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While the audience cheered, it didn't take long for many on Twitter to raise their digital eyebrow and counter Wilson's claim by mentioning actresses Mo'Nique and Queen Latifah.

- Halfapintdoll (@Halfapintdoll) November 1, 2018 Wilson responded to the tweet, but only to defend her already incorrectly proven statement.

Wilson tweeted that she believes there is a "grey area" about whether Queen Latifah and Mo'Nique could be considered plus-size, and whether their films were categorized as single-lead romantic comedies. "Technically those films are [categorized]/billed as a studio rom-com with a sole lead", she wrote. So there's a slight grey area, ' she replied.

As Georgia Byrd in 2006's "Last Holiday", Queen Latifah fell for LL Cool J's Sean Williams after embarking on a luxury European vacation assuming she had just weeks to live.

Others flagged another romantic comedy, also released in 2006, distributed by Fox Searchlight Pictures and named Phat Girlz, which stars plus-size actress Mo'Nique. "I wish you the best". "I support all plus size ladies and everything positive we are doing together".