Woman chokes bouncer after assuming he touched her


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Before the footage was released, Lagrave accused the bouncer of sexually assaulting her.

Kierah Lagrave, a 22-year-old woman from Plattsburgh, New York, was arrested this week for choking a nightclub bouncer into unconsciousness because she believed he had groped her butt at the establishment.

The Plattsburgh Police Department posted the video Thursday showing 22-year-old Kierah Lagrav attacking the bouncer from behind at Five1Eight Nightclub on October 20.

"The surveillance video clearly shows that Lagrave's friend slapped her on the buttocks", Plattsburgh Police Chief Levi Ritter told the Press-Republican.

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Lagrav immediately wraps her arms around the bouncer's neck.

The bouncer did not resist because he assumed it was one of his friends playing a prank, police said. Officers who reviewed the surveillance video said it was actually Lagrave's friend who grabbed her.

This is the shocking moment a woman put a bouncer in a chokehold and rendered him unconscious after mistakenly assuming that he grabbed her bottom.

The friend can be seen observing Lagrave's reaction, but not doing much about it, tossing her hair and then finally walking over as the damage was done.