the United States could trade with China


Kudlow believes China is getting isolated in the ongoing trade war, as the United States, Japan, and the European Union officials met in September in NY on the sidelines of the U.N. General Assembly and reached a deal to tackle China's unfair trade practices.

Chinese state media said Trump also expressed support for a conference in Shanghai next week that Xi is using to promote the country as an import destination.

The ministry said Friday the two leaders agreed to "strengthen economic exchanges" but gave no indication whether they made any progress on settling an escalating tariff war over Beijing's technology policy. "They are very willing to make a deal", said trump. Beijing would be unwilling to risk jeopardising its improving relations with Pyongyang and as a result had "very few tools to work with", he said.

Trump said that if a deal is not made with China, he could impose tariffs on another $267 billion in Chinese imports into the United States, adding that China's economy had "been hit very hard" by previous USA tariffs.

Pompeo's comments were the latest slur to come out of Washington, which has accused Beijing of meddling in United States politics, conducting cyber espionage against aviation firms and hacking Trump's iPhone.

Both Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping are due to attend the G20 summit in Argentina which starts at the end of this month, and could hold talks there.

"Both leaders attach great importance to China-U.S. ties and economic ties", Lu said.

"We've talked about trade".

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Despite the positive message from Beijing, analysts were more pragmatic about what could be achieved by the leaders' meeting given the two sides' huge differences on strategic and ideological issues, as well as the growing hostility towards China in the United States.

Trump said he will have dinner with President Xi Jinping of China at the November 30-Dec.

It is very important for the heads of state of the United Stats and China to keep frequent, direct communication, Trump said, and he and Xi should keep in touch with each other.

The head of the White house Donald trump said that he expects to conclude trade deals between the U.S. and China. He also accused China of unfair commercial practices.

ENERGY: Oil prices continued to weaken after the Department of Energy said US crude stockpiles increased for the sixth straight week. He backed out on a deal congressional Democrats said they struck with Trump to provide legal status to young undocumented immigrants.

The US this year has already imposed tariffs on $250 billion in trade with China.

He has also threatened to impose tariffs on a further $267bn worth of Chinese goods. "I think only they can break the logjam".