Tesla 'Summon' upgrade: You'll operate vehicle like an RC toy, Musk says


Musk shared his predictions about the future of Tesla and explained why he has pushed himself to the brink of exertion to help his company succeed. However, he argued it would've taken much longer without his company.

"From an operating plant standpoint, from onwards I really want to emphasize our goal is to be profitable and cash-flow positive for every quarter going forward", Musk said on the earnings conference call.

The capability was rather limited, allowing owners to prompt a parked Tesla to roll out of a garage or parking spot, but it wasn't capable of driving autonomously through a parking garage to find an empty parking space.

"Aside from the settlement with the SEC relating to Mr. Musk's statement that he was considering taking Tesla private, there have not been any developments in these matters that we deem to be material", the company wrote in the filing. "No one is likely to achieve [it] before Tesla", he said.

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The company also said on Friday that 44 percent of its third-quarter net profit was from previously undisclosed regulatory credits. He added that recessions, or unexpected events could derail the plan.

Musk was discussing the difficulty of creating a successful auto company and how Tesla, Ford, General Motors, and Chrysler (now Fiat Chrysler) struggled during the 2008 recession.

And there you were thinking moving parking spots was impressive. Musk also revealed on Twitter that he recently asked his service team to expand to all population regions in North America, Eastern Europe, China, and Japan by the end of next year. "It's gonna be like a really futuristic-like cyberpunk, "Blade Runner" pickup truck", he said. "This will be heart-stopping; it stops my heart".