Pixel 3 XL bug causes a second notch to appear


So, imagine the irony of bug that adds a second notch to the side of the display.

The notch on the Google Pixel 3 XL has been one of the most controversial inclusions on a Google phone in a long time, and it's just gotten worse with several users reporting a second notch has shown up.on the side. Reportedly, only a few Pixel 3 XL users are facing this notch issue.

This secret developer preview of an unintentional bug a new hidden capability proves that all the kerfuffle over Google allowing you to hide the notch on Pixel 3 devices was fundamentally misplaced. Android Police suspects that it may have something to do with screen rotation and the phone forgetting that the notch is not supposed to be at the top while in landscape mode, and it does seem like a possible explanation. But the one thing nearly everyone agrees on is the notch: the ugly cutout is the phone's worst feature.

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In all three of the examples we've seen, the users reported that the issue went away after a restart or fiddling with the developer settings, so at least it's not a permanent problem.

However, Google is expected to roll out a fix for the issue soon and I must say, Google took it up a notch (literally). Google doesn't want to hide the notch.

Google is working on a software update for all Pixel phones after a rash of complaints about unsaved photos.