Software update finally brings background step counting to Pokemon Go


Niantic has announced Adventure Sync, a new "Pokémon Go" gameplay system that allows players to track their steps while their phones are in their pockets.

"We're looking forward to finding new and exciting ways to implement it in our other games in the future". So, to tap on such an exercising practice, the Niantic group has come up with a new feature called Adventure Sync.

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The Adventure Sync feature as Niantic are calling it, will import your Google Fit data once you've linked your Google account and your trainer profile will be updated with the distance you've travelled, even if you don't have Adventure Pokémon GO open. Pokemon Go also created an app for the Apple Watch, but you still need to iPhone was nearby. Once Adventure Sync arrives, you'll be able to opt in at any time from within the game. On Android, it works by syncing with Google Fit to translate your steps from that app into valuable walking distance in Go.

According to a blog post on the Pokémon GO Live website, the activity tracker will send a weekly summary to players for them to see their Incubator and Candy progress, alongside with crucial activity statistics. It will also allow players to participate in weekly milestones for walking and earn rewards for these milestones as well. It may be recalled that earlier Pokemon Go could only count steps when the phone was awake. And don't worry about keeping up to date - push notifications with let you know when your buddy received a candy or an egg hatched. Trainers, according to Niantic, have made astounding gains when it comes to being motivated to walk more, and according to a survey of almost 2,000 players, 70 percent felt that the game had indeed pushed them to walk more overall, with 64 percent reporting that they felt more motivated to go outdoors because of the game.