Hunter's Moon to glow in October sky: Everything you need to know


Full Moon officially arrives at 12:45 p.m. EDT, but it should look completely illuminated all night.

The full October Hunter's Moon peaked on Wednesday night but will remain until Thursday night, according to NASA.

When will the full moon take place?

Even though it comes with a unique name, this month's full moon won't appear much different from other full moons throughout the year.

Hunter's Full Moon rising from southeast England via our friend. Later, the names were passed on to colonial Americans, when they reached North America. In European and Native American traditions, it is believed that hunters with the help of the light of the full moon track their prey and stock up for the coming winter.

Despite usually appearing in October, once every four years the Hunter's Moon rises in November. This is why the October's full moon has been named the Hunter's Moon.

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Sometimes October's full moon is called the Harvest Moon, which is the name given to the full moon that is closest to the time of the fall equinox.

Now, these names are not random, rather there is always a reason behind the names of the full moons.

The moon has been shining brightly during the early evenings this October, but stargazers were treated to a particularly special lunar event on Wednesday night.

The moon, which has already put on a show, will shine brilliantly for the next few nights. Even though the meteor shower is fading away, there will still be some shooting stars left before it ends in early November.