Google Lens is now live for mobiles


Beginning today, Google is rolling out its AI-powered Lens features to Google Images on mobile in the USA, according to a recent announcement from the company.

When inside of an Image Search on mobile, you'll see the Google Lens logo in the bottom right. You just have to open the image in the search bar, suppose you are searching for a new bicycle just write down bicycle on a search bar and browse it.

How do I see Google Lens in image search?

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Currently, the Google Lens is only available in U.S. for searches in English, but users in other countries using other languages will soon get this feature too. For example, you might come to Google Images looking for ideas to redecorate your living room.

According to Google report, The Dots will appear on the product and objects. For example, if you see a photo in which someone is standing in front of a landmark, you can use Lens to know more about the landmark in the image. Many of these sub-images will have product pages where you can buy them or search for other related images more extensively. After tapping on one of the dots or drawing a portion of the photo containing multiple dots, a Lens panel will start showing related images. Google will roll out to more locations and languages in the coming months.

Its AI technology examines images and explores sub-images that could be of interest. Eventually, the company wants to expand to identify different images like landmarks, pet breeds, and more.