Orionid meteor shower this weekend, will we see the show?


The latest spectacular astronomical event is set to reach its peak in the coming days when debris from Halleys Comet will be spotted in the night sky.

The crisp, cool and clear night is the ideal condition to watch the first major fall celestial show: the Orionid meteor shower.

Metro Vancouverites were privy to the Draconid Meteor Shower earlier this month, but they will see an even more dazzling display this week.

However, it will be at its peak between October 21 to 22. "This comet leaves debris in its wake that strikes Earth's atmosphere most fully around October 20-22, while Earth intersects the comet's orbit, as it does every year at this time".

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This week's clear skies are providing a rare opportunity for early-morning views of the Orionid meteor shower, one of the brightest and most handsome of the year. With that being said, more meteors are produced at its peak, when 15 - 20 of the dazzling stars will appear in the sky.

So it's best to go as far away from busy cities, get wrapped up warm, and allow your eyes to adjust to the darkness. We will have mostly clear skies Monday morning.

It is the latest is a stream of evenst for star gazers.