Drug-resistant salmonella linked to raw chicken in 29 states — CDC


Causes involve consumption of raw and undercooked food like meat, egg or egg products.

See your healthcare provider if you are concerned about symptoms, such as a high fever (temperature over 101.5˚F), blood in your poop, diarrhea, or frequent vomiting that prevents keeping liquid down.

The U.S.is recently facing the widespread of Salmonella in 29 states which includes New York, New Jersey.

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This particular salmonella strain is resistant to multiple antibiotics, the most common form of treatment. The transmission of the disease is said to be the consumption of raw chicken products. The most cases have been reported in Illinois, Ohio, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, and MA, according to the CDC who is investigating the outbreak. Tests also concluded that the bacteria is present in live chicken. The infected persons were interviewed and they told they consumed various chicken products which they bought from different locations.

Officials say almost 90% of cases that have been reported have involved preparing or eating chicken products that were purchased raw, including ground chicken, chicken pieces and whole chicken. Rather, it says there's evidence that many types of raw chicken products from a variety of sources contain the strain known as salmonella infantis that is making people ill.

CDC and USDA-FSIS have shared this information with representatives from the chicken industry and asked about steps that they may be taking to reduce Salmonella contamination. In some cases of severe diarrhea, patients may need to be hospitalized. Make sure it reaches at least 165 degrees Fahrenheit in order to eliminate bacteria. This outbreak has been linked to raw chicken products, adding yet another poultry-related outbreak to the list. This can spread germs to other kitchen areas.