Drug-impaired driving concerns as Canada legalises cannabis


"We always knew there was going to be bumps along the road, no country has done this to this extent", Lake said of Canada's rollout of legalized pot.

-Travelers can not transport marijuana in or out of Canada.

Kennedy said it simply shows the demand for a cannabis stock that's regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission and reports its financials using US generally accepted accounting principles, or GAAP. Originally from Boston, but now living in Montreal, MacDonald said he hoped the U.S. would follow Canada's lead and legalise recreational weed.

"Now that the laws on cannabis have changed, individuals who previously acquired criminal records for simple possession of cannabis should be allowed to shed the stigma and the burden of that record".

Speaking of the law and how it may lead to young adult consuming more pot, Antonio Vigano, a medical marijuana specialist and research director at the Sante Cannabis clinic in Montreal, told the AFP: "As a doctor and as a father, I do not agree with the legalization of recreational cannabis".

But provinces and businesses have struggled to prepare, and legalization was pushed back from a July start to enable setting up distribution and sales networks.

Unexpected issues for cross-border travelers?

A depiction of a cannabis bud hangs from the ceiling as a band plays at Leafly's countdown party in Toronto, Tuesday, Oct. 16, 2018, as they prepare to mark the legalization of Cannabis across Canada. Ron Wyden, a Democrat who represents OR, one of the legal marijuana states, called prohibition a "failed policy that wastes resources and destroys lives".

And with significant know-how gained since Canada's legalisation of medical marijuana in 2001, others including Aurora and Aphria are making inroads overseas as more and more foreign markets allow therapeutic cannabis use and research.

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And as a result, she said, "there's a lot of outreach and media happening right now in Washington State, that's really aiming to educate Washingtonians and other cross-border travelers as well about what's legal and what's not".

In the Saskatoon area, customers will be able purchase product from Jimmy's Cannabis in Martensville.

However, one critical aspect to note is that the cannabis-based spray is made with MCT (medium chain triglyceride) oil, which reacts chemically with latex - the substance from which most condoms are made.

Recreational marijuana is still illegal in NY.

Nearly three years since the Trudeau Liberals were elected - cannabis products are now legal in Canada. He purchased a gram, however, he said he would not be smoking the weed.

Like alcohol, cannabis "is used responsibly by most people ... and will continue to be", he wrote.

"We want to make sure that people use responsibility, that they know the potential harms, but also that they know what kind of experience they're looking for and what strains might help them meet that experience", Zanocco said. The explosion of legal cannabis is upon us. The federal government has indicated it intends to legalize edibles but has not set a date yet.

A patchwork of regulations has spread in Canada as each province takes its own approach within the framework established by the Federal Government. "It is time for Congress to step up and take similar action to harmonize our nation's state and federal marijuana policies".

"The last time Canada was this far ahead in anything, Alexander Graham Bell made a phone call", said Linton, whose company recently received an investment of $4 billion from Constellation Brands, whose holdings include Corona beer and Robert Mondavi wines.