How Fortnite Tournaments Will Work In Game


"If you're playing well within the session you'll find yourself matched with stronger opponents".

The Quadcrasher seats two players who can then indulge in wanton destruction, boosting through buildings to smash them to bits, boosting off ramps or cliffs to "catch sick air", and launch players into the air by racing into them.

The game devs hope this will shine a light "onto the world's best players, increasing prize pools and player exposure from our competitions".

Tournaments will feature a target score and players that achieve it will earn a special pin.

"In some of their YouTube videos, Defendants play (sometimes together) in duos and squads, and joke that the cheat software gives its users "magical" powers, allowing them to "troll" Fortnite by killing dozens of other players and "win" the game", explains the complaint.

Tournament competition takes place over the course over several days with different formats.

This also applies to mobile players accustomed to touch controls on their phones and tablets.

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Fortnite tournaments will support crossplay - in fact, you need to opt in to crossplay to participate.

Anyone that is interested in participating in the tournaments has several opportunities to do so over the next week.

Epic Games has revealed that there's a new vehicle on its way to Fortnite on PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android.

The first batch of events is scheduled for the following regions: North America, European Union, Asia and Oceania - times will vary between each region.

Epic Games pledged to "assess" this during the 2019 competitive season to further refine the tournament mode in the future. According to Epic, they've been "observing the performance" of those using controllers and found they're just as competitive as keyboard and mouse players.

Description: Join your friends every Friday and kick off your weekend with some exciting Squad action. Epic also said they will continue to evaluate platform-specific tournaments.