39 kids in NY have had virus linked to polio-like illness


"And only about five cases have been reported", Hicar said.

"There are now two possible cases reported in 2018 that are under investigation", Brittany Fowler, a spokesperson for the Maryland health department, told NBC News.

Officials at Children's Mercy Hospital said two cases of Acute Flaccid Myelitis, or AFM, have been confirmed at the hospital.

The CDC says AFM is diagnosed by examining a patient's nervous system in combination with reviewing pictures of the spinal cord, and the muscles and reflexes in the body become weak.

There are a variety of possible causes of AFM, such as viruses, environmental toxins, and genetic disorders.

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Various health departments across the US have reported cases of acute flaccid myelitis (AFM), which is a rare, polio-like illness. The CDC reports people diagnose with the illness recovered quickly or have paralysis and require ongoing care.

A rare disease similar to polio appears to be spiking. It's also not known who may be at a higher risk. However, it remains a very rare condition with less than one in a million affected. The cause of any individual case of AFM can be hard to determine, and often, no cause is found. CDC specialists will make the final determination if these cases are AFM. The CDC has been actively tracking AFM cases since 2014 when they began to see an increase. But the uptick may have occurred simply because his department sent doctors an alert about Acute Flaccid Myelitis a month ago.

The number dropped in 2015, when the CDC confirmed 22 people in 17 states had AFM.

In 2016 there was a cluster of nine cases of AFM case in Washington state.

"We do not yet know the long-term effects of AFM", a CDC report said. The other is an 8-year-old girl from IN, whose father said she has some paralysis and a partially-collapsed lung. Afghanistan and Pakistan are the only two countries where wild poliovirus has been seen this year, because conflict makes it hard to vaccinate all children.