Kanye West Meets with Trump at White House


Music megastar Kanye West loves Donald Trump and proved it in dramatic fashion Thursday, leaping from his seat at a White House meeting to hug the president.

"Let's stop worrying about the future, all we have is today", West said, commenting on his own presidential ambitions.

"People expect that if you're black you have to be Democrat", he said.

See photos from Kanye's visit with the President, including a moment where Kanye showed Trump a photo of an airplane on his phone...

"We have to make our core be in power", he said.

"I talked to someone who is very familiar with the Kardashians, or used to be, text messaging with Ray J. You know who Ray J is, he was once close with Kim Kardashian", Ryan said.

The rapper also spoke against stop-and-frisk policing policies, which Trump recently expressed support for. So, the fathers lose the jobs, and they say, 'We'll give you more money for having more kids in your home, ' and then we got rid of the mental health institutes in the '80s and '90s, and the prison rates just shot up.

Mr. West suggested that the president and Mr. Kaepernick both wear hats that proclaim "Make America Great", dropping the word "Again" from Mr. Trump " s signature campaign slogan because, Mr. West said, "black people have an issue with the word "again' ... because of the idea of racism, and slavery".

Kanye West met President Trump in surreal Oval Office meeting
Kanye West met President Trump in surreal Oval Office meeting

West said he "loved Hillary" Clinton, Trump's 2016 Democratic rival, because he loves everyone, but said he connected with Trump's "male energy".

Wearing a Make America Great Again hat "made me feel like Superman", he said. "That's from the heart".

West argued that Trump deserved more respect, saying: "if he don't look good, we don't look good". So, I think it's the bravery that helps you beat this game called life.

Trump, who has had low approval ratings from African-Americans, often links the support of West and Brown to his administration's relationship with the black community. West said, before giving him a huge hug.

On his way out the door, Jenkins reported that West said that he's going to Africa. "I just channelled it", the musician said.

West later told reporters of his verbal stylings: "You are tasting a fine wine that has multiple notes to it".

Trump earlier this week called on Chicago to adopt the strategy, in which large numbers of people are temporarily detained, questioned and sometimes searched for drugs and weapons. Also attending is former National Football League great Jim Brown, a civil rights leader who has met with Trump previously.

Rapper Kanye West is seated while meeting with President Donald Trump and others in the Oval Office of the White House, Thursday, Oct. 11, 2018, in Washington.

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