GOP Voters Madder, More Likely to Vote Because of Kavanaugh


His remarks on Murkowski were part of a wide-ranging interview in which McConnell acknowledged that the extended fight over confirming Kavanaugh has widened an existing gender gap in which Republicans trail Democrats in support among women. Supreme Court justices only answer to Congress. Though the joint resolution was never likely to pass the House, or be signed by the president, the Democratic move forced Republicans in close Senate races to record a key health-care vote less than a month before Election Day.

"Unfortunately-and incredibly-when we tried to advance this legislation, the Democratic leaders blocked it", Collins said. They're fuming over what they see as Democrats' defamation of an upstanding, beer-loving Christian, and promise payback come the midterm elections on 6th November.

"It provided the adrenaline shot that we had not been able to achieve in any other way", McConnell told reporters at a press conference in Louisville.

The Trump administration issued a final rule on Wednesday that clears the way for the sale of many more health insurance policies that do not comply with the Affordable Care Act and do not have to cover prescription drugs, maternity care or people with pre-existing medical conditions.

Brett Kavanaugh who was recently christened as our latest Supreme Court Justice, has hired four law clerks to work with him and they all happened to be women.

Kavanaugh was accused of sexual misconduct in high school and college. He says "the controversy ironically produced an adrenaline shot" among Republicans.

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According to Deadline, Kimmel joked that Trump is "flying extra high today after the confirmation of beer-battered Brett Kavanaugh, who is now on the United States Supreme Court despite all of the stuff you know about".

California college professor Christine Blasey (BLAH'-zee) Ford says Kavanaugh assaulted her when they were teenagers, which Kavanaugh denies.

A Republican in CT who is running for Senator Chris Murphy's seat seems to have benefitted from the rancorous confirmation battle.

Republican Sen. Cory Gardner of Colorado insisted it was actually the Democrats who had done themselves no favours with the vote. She deemed him a "good man" but not "the right person for the court at this time", and ultimately voted "present" as a courtesy to Sen. He also noted that McConnell "permitted her to keep her committee assignments" after she ran a write-in campaign against the more conservative GOP nominee in 2010.

The judicial misconduct grievances were originally filed at the federal appeals court in Washington, where Kavanaugh served previously. "Nobody's going to beat her", he said.

Trump told the crowd he is "100 percent" certain that Feinstein "leaked" Ford's name, which led to the public testimony of Ford and Kavanaugh's denial of her allegation, then he backtracked to he was "99 percent" certainty, saying he didn't want to get sued.