Trump apologises to Kavanaugh for 'pain and suffering'


New Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh was sworn in for a second time on Monday night during a ceremony televised on primetime television, and Jimmy Kimmel had a few words to say about it during his "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" monologue later that night. Reaction from David Goodfriend, former Clinton aide, David Bossie, president and chairman of Citizens United, and Ken Starr, former solicitor general and former independent counsel for the Whitewater investigation.

Trump said a man or woman in this country "must always be presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty".

The president said Kavanaugh overcame intense scrutiny by Democrats who considered him guilty and didn't want to give him due process.

Kavanaugh denied the allegations and during a Senate hearing on September 27 accused Democrats of an "orchestrated political hit".

The ceremony took place in the East Room - the same location where the President first announced Kavanaugh's nomination 13 weeks ago.

Police office guards the main entrance to the Supreme Court in Washington, Tuesday, Oct. 9, 2018. He emphatically denied the allegations.

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WASHINGTON: President Donald Trump said Monday he was apologizing on behalf of the whole country to his new conservative Supreme Court justice after one of the most contentious confirmation processes in U.S. history. "My approach to judging remains the same". "The Supreme Court is an institution of law - it is not a partisan or political institution". "The justices do not sit on opposite sides of an aisle". "That process is over". "I'll be the first justice in the history of the Supreme Court to have a group of all-women law clerks. On the Supreme Court I will seek to be a force for stability and unity".

Democrats had fought tooth and nail to stop Kavanaugh´s candidacy, claiming that the accomplished, conservative-minded judge was not suited to the Supreme Court.

During a speech in Florida earlier today, Trump denounced the accusations against Kavanaugh as "a hoax" perpetrated "by people that are evil". "Although the Senate confirmation process tested me as it has tested others, it did not change me", Kavanaugh said.

House Democrats' lead in the generic congressional ballot has slightly increased in the wake of the bombshell hearing for now-Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, according to a newly released survey from CNN - numbers that conflict with some other recent polling and push back on the narrative that the Kavanaugh hearings were a political win for the GOP.

Now McConnell is singing a different tune, but he says he isn't ignoring precedent, because in 2020, Republicans will, most likely, have control of the Senate and the White House. And he is moving into his new chambers, once occupied by Justice Samuel Alito. Next to him will be Justice Elena Kagan, who hired him to teach at Harvard Law when she served as dean.