Sony officially addresses that it's working on a new console


Sony is has finally announced they're working on its next generation console.

It makes sense that Sony is working on its next generation of hardware, given that the PS4 is now 5 years into its lifecycle. "As further understood herein, the original (legacy) software code of an entertainment asset such as a computer game created to be played on a relatively lower powered display can be preserved for use with model consoles with improved capability displays, while effecting remastering of the presentation through emulation principles".

Industry rumors hint that Sony may be planning a tablet or multiple devices and it could be waiting for 5G data connectivity to become widespread to ensure fast game downloads, the FT noted.

While the company hasn't mentioned it by name, it is widely thought that the next generation console will be the PlayStation 5.

The commitment to a next-generation console comes as discussion begins to heat up over the next round of the so-called "console wars" and the future of dedicated gaming hardware.

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Sources speaking with the Financial Times said that the next PlayStation console, "might not represent a major departure from the PS4".

So, there you have it - the latest clue, if one was needed, that we'll be getting the PlayStation 5.

Given that the PlayStation 4 continues to sell tremendously well, it's no surprise that Sony would want to hold off for as long as possible.

PlayStation 4 exclusives like "Spider-Man" look best on the PlayStation 4 Pro.

While it's too soon to speak for the next-next generation, it is likely reassuring to PlayStation fans that there will be at least one more console in the works.