Daylight saving time disabled the Apple Watch in Australia


The bug seems to stem from the new Infograph faces' Activity complications that is failing to register an hour from the 24 hours in a day.

San Francisco: A bug discovered in Apple Watch Series 4 is reportedly crashing the device and causing it to get stuck on re-boot loops, the media reported. The maximum complaints are reported from Australia, where people have experienced the issue when they change in daylight saving time. The watch faces show 24 hours in a day, but experts say the missing hour could be creating a software spin.

The reboot takes place repeatedly as every time the Watch boots, it again tries to draw the hour-to-hour data of the user's activity, fails and reboots.

The Apple Watch Series 4 is being touted as the best smartwatch around, and the response so far has also been encouraging for the company.

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Some owners had success removing the Inforgraph Modular face using the companion Watch iPhone app. Others did hard factory resets. "Do not bother putting it back on the charger as it will just continue to drain its battery and reboot", the report added.

Naturally, the Activity issue is a very popular choice for users so the number of users affected is significant.

Are Complications only limited to the Larger Activity area?

Apple hasn't issued a official statement on the issue, but we are expecting a fix to be issued soon.

Daylight savings ends in the U.S November 4th and most of Europe change their clocks on the last Sunday in October, so it would benefit Apple to find a fix before even more users run into this problem.