10 things to know about Aussies and mental health


Mental health is a critical component of health and that is why health is referred to as a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity, according to WHO.

For many people, speaking up about mental health problems at work can be incredibly daunting.

KCC's public health consultant, Jess Mookherjee, added: "Given Kent's higher than average rates of suicide, we want to work extensively with partners across the county to tackle and improve mental wellbeing, and workplaces and employers are important as each life lost is a tragedy". Whilst individually people report difficulties accessing the right services and long waiting lists (which vary massively from area to area) the Government's own spending watchdog warns of a ticking timebomb. Sadly, many people still don't speak up when faced with these challenges due to the stigma that can be associated with it. In some countries this day is part of an awareness week, such as Mental Health Week in Australia.Every year this day is celebrated with some theme.

Those wanting to help raise awareness of mental health issues can choose to wear a green ribbon, seen as the worldwide symbol for the movement.

The world is slowly acknowledging the burden of mental health problems.

Two-thirds (67 percent) of workers who have used technology to support their mental health said their choice of technology was based on recommendations from healthcare professionals. More definitely needs to be done to help teens in crisis. All this can lead to mental health.

We're working with employers in every sector of the United Kingdom economy to help them do this.

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Library will celebrate World Mental Health Day 2018 and promote awareness of mental health issues on Wednesday, October 10. In some cases, this is because they are not aware that they are living with a mental health condition.

"A healthy mind can only be maintained if persons are aware of the importance of their mental status, and do their best to maintain it just as they would their physical health", Mrs. Brandy-Williams said.

"I had CBT while on Strictly because I had stage fright and it was the first time I thought about mental health and the fact that you can change the way you think and make yourself more comfortable by talking to someone". Mental disorders are on the rise in every country in the world and will cost the global economy $16 trillion by 2030.

Different studies have also shown that mental health plagues people of every age, affects one out of five youths globally and is directly linked to youth suicide in the 15-29 age group.

She said that having cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) for stage fright while on Strictly Come Dancing made her realise how important mental health issues are.

While accountancy firms and businesses in general are introducing policies like flexible working and encouraging wellbeing to help combat stress at work, only 30 percent of managers have actually received any training around mental health. But when these become overwhelming or frequent they can manifest into a more serious problem.

With teenagers and young adults the focus of World Mental Health Day on October 10 this year, Dr Sebolelo Seape, chairperson of the Psychiatry Management Group (PsychMG) says the prevention of teen suicides starts with better understanding of the symptoms of depression.