Google Pixel Slate leaks in great detail before October 9 event


The Pixel Slate, which was known under the codename "Nocturne", has been subject of numerous leaks - just like many other soon to be released Google devices.

Google is prepared to launch its third-generation Pixel phones aka the Pixel 3 and the Pixel 3 XL on October 9, i.e tomorrow at its Made by Google event in NY. Not only that, but the tech giant might also make some more unveiling side by side and is also expected to launch the Google Slate tablet, Google Home Hub, Pixelbook 2, Pixel wireless charger, new Chromecast and some other gadgets as well.

Rumours and leaks have plagued this device in recent months but we'll finally find out all the official upgrades and United Kingdom price when Google reveals all at its major keynote in NY. And now a Hong Kong based retailer is selling the Pixel 3 XL even before its official launch. However, that doesn't mean you can't already buy the Pixel 3 in stores.

"We pretty much know everything there is to know about the Pixel 3 as well as the Pixel 3 XL", YouTube star ZoneOfTech laments in the clip. This new Slate tablet by Pixel will go head-on against the new Apple iPad Pro, and it might also possibly come with a fingerprint sensor.

Like last year's Pixel, the Pixel 3 won't have a headphone jack and Google is rumored to be bundling a pair of USB-C Pixel Buds in the box this year.

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The cover picture shows the Google Pixel C. Earlier this morning, we pointed out some brand new camera features that Google has developed exclusively for the Pixel 3 series, and now we have purported USA prices, thanks to a Verizon slip-up.

The front of the two phones will be drastically different from the Pixel 2, though. The Pixel 3 will not sport a notch, unlike its Pixel 3 XL sibling.

Could Google really have undertaken one of the biggest covert operations ever witnessed in the mobile phone space, all so it could hide its actual real Google Pixel 3 for a dramatic, surprise reveal?

Leaked photos claim to show a smart display, called the 'Google Home Hub, ' which features a 7-inch display mounted on top of a speaker. Along with the wide-angle camera up front that we saw, there's also "super res zoom" which doesn't have a detailed description but can probably be deciphered by context clues. The "Google nocturne" model offered specifications such as an Intel Core i7-8500Y processor, 16 GB RAM, and a display resolution of 3000x2000. The 2-in-1 tablet will also come with a portable keyboard case, and it will work with Pixel Book pen.