Google Assistant can help compare ride-hailing prices and summon a ride


After this just, select the preferred cab-hailing provider from your smartphone and the app will open to let you confirm the booking wherever you want to go. The device then generates a list of popular ride service companies, such as Uber, Life, Grab, and more, for the user to choose from, said the post. With the new feature in the app, you can say, ' Hey Google, get me a ride to.' or, 'Hey Google, book a taxi to...', to Google Assistant and get your ride ready. The feature also works on Google Home speakers - though after asking Assistant to book you a ride, you'll still have to look at your phone to see prices and wait times. For example, "Hey Google, get me an Ola ride to Gateway of India". If you prefer to use one service over another, you can simply ask Google to "book an Uber ride" to your destination, and you'll only be given pricing and wait times for that service.

There are two ways on how to book ridesharing services through Google Assistant.

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If you want to speed things up, just say which ride-hailing service you want to use within the initial voice query. This new feature is great for the time when you are in a hurry. This means business professionals can easily get a ride to the airport or navigate a new city without pressing a button. Siri can hail you an Uber on your iPhone (but no Lyft yet). Google clarified that the feature will be available first in English and any country where one of Google's supported ride service partners operate.

With Google expected to launch a screen-laden Google Assistant speaker called the Google Home Hub, these features are likely to trickle down to more products and markets in the coming months.