Google Voice Access Gives You Hands-Free Access to Your Android Smartphone


Google has made its Voice Access app available globally after two years in beta. Called "Voice Access", the app lets people navigate through apps, compose and edit text, and talk to Google Assistant. "You use your voice and you're able to access the world".

When you download the Voice Access app, an icon will appear on your smartphone screen. Rather than limiting your interactions to preset commands through a digital assistant, Voice Access is created to replace every tap on a touchscreen with a voice option. The user interacts with these verbally by choosing the number for the item they want - such as "9" to open the app assigned with the number nine - then proceeding with additional actions. Additionally, the tech giant says that Voice Access can also help users who are busy in things like cooking or juggling groceries with easier hands-free controls. But, if new technology isn't accessible for everyone, like for the 62 million people in the USA with limited mobility, it doesn't make life easier.

The app allows you to open and navigate apps, type a message using your voice, and even control the OS by using the navigation buttons at the bottom of the phone without tapping it.

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Google Voice Access now comes with hands-free access to smartphones with the help of voice commands.

Google asserts that it concentrated on users with issues, like multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, spinal cord injury, arthritis and others to build up the availability application. To select the text field, one requires to read out the number Voice Access displays next to it. You can also access the full list of commands under the "show all commands" section in the settings menu.