Twitch Game-streaming Service Blocked In China


Tech companies in the western world have had an increasingly hard time accessing and maintaining a foothold in China, and Amazon's Twitch video game streaming platform (Android, iOS) appears to be the latest casualty, as the country has just banned it without explanation, CNN reports.

The Twitch app saw massive success in China during August, when it became the third most downloaded app on the iOS app store.

Chinese authorities have repeatedly cracked down on live-streaming services, placing tight restrictions on platforms and popular users. I wonder how Valve's Steam Store, which is already partially blocked in China, and its DOTA 2 tournaments will be received in the future as Shanghai has been chosen as the host city for The International 2019.

Despite Twitch's popularity in the West, due to slow service in the region it had yet to fully take off in China.

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Now, a Twitch representative has confirmed to Gamasutra that Twitch is blocked in China, but has yet to offer further details on why that might be or how long it's expected to last.

Presently, with Twitch apparently obstructed in the nation, it follows in the strides of other prohibited locales, including Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.

Streaming service Twitch is big and only getting bigger, and up until very recently, that was the also the case over in China.

Twitch was likely to have faced problems in China sooner or later. Capcom's own Monster Hunter World was removed from the Chinese gaming platform, We Game, which is owned by tech giant Tencent. This seems like a larger crackdown on gaming because a month ago the government said that it planned on limiting the number of new online games. The firm forecasts China's total gaming revenue will reach $38 billion this year.