Could you spend 30 hours in a coffin?


The coffins are two inches by seven inches and are described as "deluxe" and "slightly used".

As per the rules of the challenge, coffin dwellers will be allowed to bring a friend along during Fright Fest operating hours, but they must fearless the non-operating hours by themselves.

If more than one makes it to 30 hours, a drawing will determine who gets the $300.

What's allowed: a pillow and blanket, a cellphone to while away the time, and a friend, though that friend will have to leave when the park closes and can't come back till opening time the next day. To top it off, phone charging stations will be available, which means you could theoretically Netflix your way through this vampire simulator.

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Louis is holding the contest as part of its annual Fright Fest.

The challenge - if you choose to accept it - is not without its rewards. All remaining winners will receive the season passes and a Fright Fest package.

Their coffin! That's right - the handcrafted coffin is yours to keep! If so, be sure to fill out the registration form and submit it before midnight, October 3.

They were treated to chicken paprikash - the same meal that features in the novel - before retiring to two red velvet coffins, just like Dracula's.