Amazon adds new Echo devices in bid to dominate voice gadgets


The Echo Show will include Skype support, enabling users to video chat with each other; there will also be the Silk browser and Firefox, both of which will make accessing websites - and maybe even YouTube - possible.

The 3rd-generation Echo Dot comes with a new curved shaped design, and the company moved away from the plastic design to a fabric design. Amazon says the speaker delivers better audio quality compared to its predecessor.

The countertop Echo Show has a new look. According to Amazon, the Echo Sub is not optimized for 2nd GenEcho Dot, Echo Spot or Alexa-enabled devices.

The new Echo dot has Echo Plus feature that has got clearer speaker with smart sound and enhanced bass and internal temperature sensors. Echo Dot and Echo Plus and ships from October 11th, while the Echo Sub will be available from November 14th.

All the new Echo devices have received a facelift with the hard edges replaced with a rounded finish that is reminiscent of the Apple HomePod. Once the initial setup is complete, Amazon says drivers will simply need to start their vehicle and the Echo Auto will be ready to respond "within just a few seconds".

If you're wondering, Zigbee hub is high-level communication protocols used to create personal area networks with small, low-power digital radio, much like WiFi but only for smart devices. The Echo Show will sell for $229 (Rs 16,407) and it will start shipping in the United States next month. It will sell for $49.99 but for a limited time, you can get the Echo Auto for just $25. In India, the Echo Show will be available only next year. You can either pair a single Echo/Echo Plus with the Sub or two of them for a 2.1 speaker set where each of the Echo/Echo Plus become individual stereo speakers.

That's probably down to the fact you get goodish sound and a tidy looking little gadget for a fraction of the price of larger speakers.

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Amazon kicked off the smart speaker category in 2014 with the release of its first Echo smart speaker and has dominated it since.

As before you're able to connect to another Bluetooth speaker should you choose to go down that route.

Microsoft and Amazon announced the latest piece of their year-plus-old partnership on September 20, 2018, the day Amazon unveiled a bevy of new connected devices. It connects to other Echo devices through Bluetooth so you can command it from a different room. We weren't able to fully test the improved microphone, but it's easy to see this'll remain the starting point for anyone that wants a cheap smart speaker to put in the kitchen or next to their bed. The microwave doesn't come with Alexa built-in but will work with an Echo nearby. Think of it as an Echo speaker with a display. The product pages, which were spotted by Pocket-Lint before Amazon took them down (via Engadget), seem to show details of the Echo Sub subwoofer and the Amazon Smart Plug.

Amazon has built an ultra-portable device for your auto and of course, there's involvement of Alexa in this.

The Echo Link ($199.99) and Echo Link Amp ($299.99) are geared towards audiophiles.

"The user interface is stuck in the late '70s", he said during Thursday's media event at Amazon headquarters in Seattle.