Splatoon 2 offering exclusive in-game gear for Nintendo Online subs


Of course, this problem is solvable and has been solved by dozens of other competitive online games.

One gold point is worth $0.01, so you can use 300 points to purchase a $3 eShop item. It may be the same for the Nintendo Switch, considering Fortnite's exemption from the Switch Online requirement. So you're getting the Fortnite add-ons for free with the bundle. There will also be access to cloud saves for the first time as well as 20 NES games bundled into the subscription. A few days ago the publisher confirmed that it would be bringing specially designed NES wireless controllers to the latest console, that will work with the 8-bit classics that will be offered on the new Nintendo Switch Online network. As a reminder, it does not require a Nintendo Switch Online membership to play online.

Next up is cloud saving, which lets subscribers back up save files to the cloud.

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So far, the iOS version of the Switch Mobile App has also updated, preparing for the service's launch by now supporting more titles for voice chat.

It will be interesting to see how Nintendo Switch Online is when it hits. Nintendo has made their backup system easy to navigate and incredibly secure so players won't have to worry about misunderstanding instructions and accidentally deleting their files.

The skin should be a relief to people who are wanting to buy a Nintendo Switch but were disheartened that the only console to receive an exclusive Fortnite bundle was Sony's PlayStation 4 Pro Royale Bomber bundle.