IOS 12 is available today


It's official. iOS 12 is finally here!

The iOS 12 update is an exciting upgrade, but it's impossible to predict exactly how your device will react to the move. AR files can now be viewed almost anywhere in iOS, including apps like Messages, Safari, Mail, Files and News. We expect the iOS 11 downgrade to close up in the near future leaving iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch users without a way back to the previous version of Apple's mobile operating system. Highlights include performance improvements, Screen Time, new Siri Shortcuts, changes to Apple News, Memojis, new Animojis for the iPhone X, and upgrades to Apple Music.

In his review of iOS 12, The Verge's Chaim Gartenberg notes that for the first time he can remember, his iPhone and iPad feel faster and more stable post-update. This takes place three days before the new iPhones-XS, XS Max and XR-go on sale, i.e. on September 21. Most of these optimizations are focused at older hardware, and Apple is continuing support all the way back to 2013's iPhone 5s. While some of these features have been available through third-party apps like IFTTT and Google Assistant, Apple has now integrated them directly into the iOS.

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APPLE iOS 12 release date COUNTDOWN: What time does iOS 12 launch?

Apple should release iOS 12 at around 10 AM PST/1 PM EST. However, if your excitement is being blocked by an iOS 12 Software Update Failed error, then do not be alarmed. AR in iOS 12 is an even more realistic mix of the virtual and real world with support for image detection and tracking, making it possible to detect 3D objects and automatically apply reflections. You can use these new Memoji and Animoji on iMessage, and on FaceTime - which, by the way - are getting major updates. Once you've backed up your device, go ahead and start the download process for iOS 12. Keep in mind that the OTA method will require Wi-Fi and your iOS device will need to be sufficiently charged, more than 50 per cent. The reason for this is that after any major iOS update, the system sets about re-indexing files and carrying out a Spotlight index, too. These tips will come in handy as you transition your device from whatever its now running to the latest version of iOS.

Screen Time will allow users to view detailed daily and weekly Activity Reports that shows how much time is spent on apps, usage across categories of apps, how many notifications were received, and how many times an iPhone or iPad was picked up.