Apple teased by Xiaomi for over-the-top pricing of iPhones


A year ago, Apple brought wireless charging to the iPhone for the first time, meaning you could rest your device on a charging pad to fill up the battery without plugging in a cable.

While online sentiment was mixed, an obvious key focus was the high price tag - also a target of criticism around the launch of the iPhone X past year.

Currently, while Apple is enjoying the spot as the world's number one company in terms of value (US$1 trillion, thanks to their favorite son, the iPhone), it is in third place amongst smartphone makers.

This week Apple announced the latest incarnations of its iPhone: the iPhone XS, the iPhone XS Max, and the iPhone XR.

Moving on to the 6.5-inch iPhone XS Max, Haselton called the device as the "best" iPhone in Apple's lineup for those who like big screens and can afford the phone's $1,099 base price.

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Apple also announced the iPhone XR during the presentation. It has been priced at 6,499 yuan (Rs.68,200 approx.) in China, which is exactly what the iPhone XR is priced at in the country. For now, we don't have any specific clock speeds and other similar details isn't usually vocal with specific numbers but the initial benchmarks look promising.

The US Food and Drug Administration said it worked with Apple to develop apps for the Apple Watch and has been taking steps to ease the regulatory pathway for companies seeking to create digital healthcare products. This year, that isn't going to happen, because in addition to the iPhone XS, Apple also launched the iPhone XR, a $749 iPhone for people who don't care about things like OLED vs LCD. With the slim bezels and near-edge-to-edge screen, Apple has squeezed in an enormous amount of an insanely bright and vibrant OLED screen into a size no bigger than the previous generation Plus variants.

You can find more information about Apple's iPhone keynote 2018, including information about the Apple Watch Series 4, in the stories below. The XR is powered by the same A12 Bionic chip as the pricier models and has the same Face ID facial recognition, and even manages to pack in portrait mode capabilities, albeit off a 12-MP single camera setup.

Apple is saying goodbye to the headphone jack for good.

The death of the iPhone SE has been particularly mourned, as it was seen as a smaller and more affordable, yet still modern smartphone. AirPods were supposed to go on sale in October of that year, but ended up hitting the market in December. The iPhone XS starts at $999 and it only gets more expensive.