Samsung teases October 11 Galaxy event with '4X fun'


Starting from today, 14th of September 2018 till 2nd December 2018, just top up RM100 upon your purchase of the Samsung Galaxy Note9 and you are entitled to buy the next year's model at 10% discount.

Samsung on Friday posted a public invitation to A Galaxy Event 2018 scheduled for October 11 that'll stream live on the company's website.

Samsung and other device makers are looking for ways to boost momentum in a sluggish smartphone market. Of course, "4x fun" could turn out not to have anything to do with cameras and could refer to.

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There have been rumours in recent times of a forthcoming Samsung Galaxy A9, which is said to have a four cameras on the rear. On Thursday 11 October, Samsung will reveal a new Galaxy device (singular) which offers "4x fun", headlines the invite graphic. Fortunately for those who bought Verizon's Galaxy J7 and J7 V smartphones, Samsung has decided these phones are worthy of Android 8.0 Oreo. The tipster also suggested that all the four cameras will be placed at the back, making it the first smartphone with a quad-camera setup.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 - particularly the 512GB version - is selling very well.

We also know the company is set to put more focus on its mid-range devices, so it may be this event is specifically for those upcoming phones.