Feminist attacks Apple saying iPhone size not suitable for women's hands


While the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max are due for release on Friday, September 21, the bad news for would-be iPhone XR buyers is that the phone won't be out until October.

Use the drop-down menus and sliders below to find the ideal contract plan for you. This year, that did not happen at all. That's three new options for consumers on top of Apple's previous iPhone models that are still being offered, and unless you've been paying attention to the various rumors surrounding the three devices ahead of their launch, the amount of new information to take in could be overwhelming.

On Jan. 1, 2019, Apple will increase prices of replacement batteries not covered by warranty.

In the CPU, GPU, UX and memory tests of AnTuTu, the iPhone XS has respectively scored 133,561, 150,931, 66,474 and 12,559 which brings the total benchmarking score to 363,525. However, in came the iPhone XR which bears the starting price tag of Rs 76,900.

The other product that was eliminated by Apple was the iPhone 6s, which was not a surprise considering its age (Sep 2015).

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The iPhone Xs features 4 GB of RAM and so does the iPhone Xs Max smartphone.

Apple, whatever you might think about their products, have got their media marketing down to an art form in terms of generating publicity. The iPhone SE is from the time when people use and prefer small and comfortable phones to carry.

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Last week's unveiling of big, new iPhones also marked the second anniversary of Apple's controversial decision to remove the standard 3.5mm headphone jack from its popular line of smartphones.