All Of Your Favorite Board Games Are Coming To The Nintendo Switch


The upcoming subscription-based online service will remedy that by allowing you to store save files for certain games in the cloud, but there's a pretty significant catch according to a recently posted FAQ by Nintendo UK. However, if you keep the Nintendo Entertainment System - Nintendo Switch Online save data saved locally on your Nintendo Switch console, then you can use it again if you purchase another membership.

Nintendo Switch Online can by played for up to seven days without an internet connection.

After my Nintendo Switch Online membership expires, will my online save data and my Nintendo Entertainment System™ - Nintendo Switch Online data be erased? However, for Super Smash Bros. enthusiasts, there was some important news about when they can expect to get their hands not only on the title but some themed hardware too.

While it might seem like a trivial issue, it's worth remembering that cloud saves will be the only way for Switch owners to transfer data between consoles.

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During the Nintendo Direct that aired overnight, Nintendo released a bevy of announcements for first and third-party game. That usually shouldn't be a problem, but if you decide to take your Switch to the cabin or some other remote location, you could find yourself unable to play the NES games you're paying a monthly fee for.

On January 11 2019, the original Bowser's Insider Story will make its way to Nintendo 3DS and will feature a new mode called Bowser Jr's Journey. If you have a Switch, you've probably noticed by now that you can't back up your save data. Have these newly-revealed restrictions changed your mind?

The controller will be available for Switch owners from September 18.