Rashford developing quicker than Ronaldo did - Southgate


The England global is now suspended for three games after being sent off for violent conduct in his side's 2-0 win over Burnley in their last EPL game.

"He is only 20 years old and he probably needs a little more time, but I think this season is a big season for him".

Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho is a big fan of striker Marcus Rashford, England boss Gareth Southgate has assured.

"He has still played a lot of football, although maybe not continuous starts, and I'm really pleased for him that he leaves us full of confidence".

It also appears the announcement caught the rest of Roberto Martinez's squad by surprise with Kompany revealing his compatriots found the decision hilarious and something he may later come to change. They have to try and win matches.

It is not as straightforward for Pep as: 'Oh, I'll just give Phil a game.' Every decision you make as a manager has a knock-on effect and I understand how complicated that is. Possibly Everton is the sort of club you are looking at, just below the top six, for someone like Rashford, similar to what Lukaku did.

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"It's not my business to interfere with club managers, they have a hard job to do and they have big squads at the top six, huge competition for places, so Jose thinks the world of Marcus. They have to rotate their squads".

"Jose thinks the world of Marcus". However, Southgate floated the idea of trying to fit all three into the same side, an idea that would probably mean Sterling switching to another position.

"We really wanted to make Marcus feel important over this period", said Southgate.

"His confidence will be boosted I'm sure, with two goals against top-quality opposition".

"We have to remember that Harry Kane at that age had hardly played anywhere near the matches for Spurs".

He even claimed that while Ronaldo was doing "step-overs" for Man United when he was the same age, Rashford is already delivering end-product with goals for both club and country.