Juncker: Brexit Britain can’t be in ‘parts of single market’


And he'll poke worldwide locations to present up their national vetoes in some areas of global policy.

Transparency and oversight will be guaranteed further by annual transparency reports required from service providers and European Union states on how they tackle terrorist content as well as regular reporting on proactive measures taken.

Some proposals to strengthen the EU's effectiveness face an uphill battle against member state opposition, notably scrapping national vetoes in some foreign policy areas, such as where economic pressure from the likes of Russian Federation or China on certain European Union countries has blocked European Union sanctions to defend human rights.

European commission president Jean-Claude Juncker has described Africa as "the future" and called for strengthening partnerships with the continent and charity.

While he will be stepping down from his role in a year's time, Juncker indicated that in the future, the European Union would seek to take advantage of Africa's efforts to forge a free trade area within the continent by offering a continent-to-continent free trade agreement. "We need to do it because we just haven't go far enough, fast enough with enough platforms".

Last year, Junker mentioned Romania in the speech.

He added: "I would like us to say no to unhealthy nationalism and yes to patriotism".

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One reporter covering Jean-Claude Juncker's keynote address said a "sudden" and "louder, deafening set of applause" came through the PA system, without members in the room "doing anything different".

"But we also ask the British government to understand that someone who leaves the union cannot be in the same privileged position as a member state", warned the head of the EU's executive arm.

On the Irish border, Juncker said that member states would show solidarity with Ireland because the European Union was against a hard border.

The consultation received 4.6 million responses from all 28 member states, the highest number of responses ever received in any commission public consultation.

Juncker said he hoped that a free trade deal could nonetheless be agreed upon with the United Kingdom, which he said would always remain a very close neighbour and partner in political, economic and security terms. "To love your nation is to love Europe", Juncker said. "Article 7 must be applied when the rule of law is threatened".

The European Border and Coast Guard will recruit a standing corps of 10,000 operational staff by 2020, to facilitate more support for migrants on return and deliver stronger co-operation with non-EU countries, which is particularly vital at the European Union's external borders.

"The Commission resist any attack on the rule of law and we continue to be very concerned by the developments in some of our member states".