Canada’s Freeland returns to Washington for NAFTA talks


Canadian negotiators are traveling to brief Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in person on the state of negotiations with the United States on a deal that would allow Canada to remain in a North American trade bloc.

Freeland and her counterpart, U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer, left the bargaining table last Friday without a deal following two weeks of what Freeland described as intense, but productive, negotiations.

Canada's foreign minister is to be in Saskatoon on Wednesday to update her fellow caucus members on the ongoing negotiations.

They think Canada will make concessions on the mechanism to reach a trade deal with the US this month.

US and Canadian trade representatives are set to meet this week to advance NAFTA negotiations between the two countries.

"We're looking for a deal which is good for Canadians, which is good for Canadian workers, which is good for Canadian families (and) good for Canadian farmers", Freeland said on "The West Block".

Chrystia Freeland underlined the anniversary at the start of another day of trade talks aimed at breaking an impasse on a renewed North American Free Trade Agreement.

Representatives from both sides have expressed their preference to keep a NAFTA deal intact.

"So if we don't find some way to accommodate some of that, then we're not going to have a deal".

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Meanwhile, despite the "several" issues still in dispute, there is strong will on the USA side, especially, to wrap up the talks by Friday, trade lawyer Dan Ujczo said Monday.

The two sides have so far been unable to resolve their differences over US access to the Canadian dairy market, a cultural exemption for Canada and the Chapter 19 dispute resolution mechanism.

Daniel Ujczo, a US trade lawyer who has worked for both the Canadian and the USA governments, rejects the notion that Canada and the United States are at a stalemate.

"I think it is good for him in the short term".

U.S. Ambassador Kelly Craft, a fixture at the NAFTA talks last week, was in Gander, N.L., to commemorate the role that town played on the day 17 years ago when the United States shut down its airspace, forcing countless passenger airliners to find refuge wherever they could.

Speaking to reporters in Ottawa following an event at the Library and Archives, Brian Mulroney said he would be "surprised" if a new NAFTA deal did not see some concessions around supply management.

Trump has notified Congress he intends to sign the trade deal reached last week with Mexico by the end of November, and officials said the text would be published by around October 1.

"Forget what you read about NAFTA negotiations and Twitter wars. They're really hammering this out", said Orr, who is now senior worldwide trade adviser for a Washington law firm. "I can't read the tea leaves, but. coming back and saying, "Sorry, we couldn't get an agreement" is just too hard politically to manage" on both sides, Sosnow said.