Apple introduces iPhone Xs, Xs Max & Xr but Huawei has zero chill


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Apple announced three new iPhone models on Wednesday, but it also seems to have discontinued four older models. The least expensive phone in Apple's lineup now is the iPhone 7, which starts at $450.

Actually, this is Apple's priciest iPhone yet. It's certainly a little bit wider than I'd prefer, but recently I've been using the 3.06-inch-wide OnePlus 6 as my primary phone, and it's fine.

If you're familiar with the iPhone X you'll be familiar with the look, shape and feel of the new iPhone XS.

The XS has the exact same look and dimensions as the original iPhone X, while the Max is a plus-size variant with a 6.5-inch display. It's a very good, very saturated, very deep LCD. The processor in the new iPhones is more advanced than any rival product, capable of the kind of heavy lifting once consigned exclusively to supercomputers. It's a slightly lower-end and more affordable version of the XS. There's no home button on any of them - love it or hate it, Apple is putting the fingerprint reader permanently out to pasture. The two smartphones also feature glass back panel and support wireless charging. It's a lot like an X that way. The Smart HDR is the most hyped feature that takes multiple shots in different exposures and combines them to get the bets shot.

The XR has dual speakers, one on the bottom and one at the top of the phone.

The iPhone XS and XS Max will go on sale in Hong Kong on September 21, with the iPhone XR coming in late October.

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The 64GB model costs £999 SIM-free, £1149 secures you the 256GB version while you'll need to fork out a whopping £1349 for the 512GB model.

As with the iPhone X, both new phones have screens that run from edge to edge, an effort to maximize the display without making the phone too awkward to hold.

There's still some mystery around the XR's modem.

During our brief time with the iPhone XS it was hard to tell just how effective this new feature is given the significant level of ambient noise, but the XS seems to go just as loud as the iPhone X and remains just as clear.

Apple claims the XR will boast "all-day" battery life. (I couldn't test it because it wasn't activated on the phones in the demo room.) In general, our carriers have banned dual-SIM phones in the past; the most successful so far have been OnePlus phones, which haven't been sold through carriers.

These features will be available to USA customers later this year, but Apple did not say when it would make it to the rest of the world.

You'll be able to pre-order the iPhone XR beginning Friday, October 19, and it will hit stores on Friday, October 26, in more than 50 countries. This year, we're getting three new iPhones. The difference between the XR and the XS comes primarily in the screen, camera, and modem.