Google is Killing Inbox


Inbox began as an email experiment almost four years ago for Google.

Google launched the Inbox in 2014 as a standalone app to exist alongside the Gmail.

Gmail Offline has been with us for a long time.

The launch of the new Gmail in April was surely a sign that Inbox, Google's productivity-focused mail app, would soon meet its demise.

As per the given timeline, Google can be expected to introduce other features from Inbox into the Gmail desktop and app. At the time, Google released a statement telling users not worry about the future of Inbox. With that in mind, it isn't surprising to see the purge continue, and now Google has announced that it will discontinue the Gmail Offline Chrome app as well.

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In a Wednesday blog post, Google said it plans to shut down the email product at the end of March 2019 "to focus exclusively on Gmail". Five months later, though, and Google looks to have changed its mind.

The page suggests alternatives for the Inbox features pin, bundles and reminders. Google claims this is in the works, but did not give an official timeline as to when to expect the feature. It's a service many of us use every single day. Just another case of Google killing off an app or service, Google giveth and Google taketh.

For me, Inbox was an attempt to simplify email and while it certainly had some interesting features, Inbox was too simplified and not really usable because of that. In the new Gmail, you'll find workflows that are similar to your favourite ones in Inbox. Head down to the comments section and let us know!

Google seemingly makes the case that Inbox fans shouldn't be upset because Gmail has already absorbed enough of what made Inbox special.