Leaks suggest incoming iPhone Xc, iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Plus


In contrast to last year's reports for the iPhone X, this time around some unreasonable speculation has remained for the naming of the three iPhones. All of the new iPhones will include the iPhone X's new design, along with Face ID for unlocking the device.

Several information leaks suggest the new devices will feature an upgraded iPhone X, an iPhone X with a larger screen, and a more price-sensitive device that will have all the features of the iPhone 8 but look like the iPhone X. While actual United States prices might differ, Goldman Sachs has revised its own estimates, saying that the 6.1-inch LCD iPhone, a.k.a. iPhone XC, will actually sell for $849, instead of the expected $699.

Last year, only the cellular variant of the Apple Watch Series 3 boasted a ceramic back, but according to the report all the upcoming variants are likely to feature a ceramic build, which should make them tougher.

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At the end of August, we reported that Apple had set a date for the full announcement of. something.

Alongside the new iPhones, Apple is also expected to launch a new iteration of its smartwatch. This is much higher than the $699 to $749 everyone else is expecting. This gives Apple a driving reason to develop more big iPhone models. 9to5Mac thinks the logic here is that the letter "R" comes before the letter 'S.' This is apparently going to be the brand's confusing way of telling customers that the 6.1-inch LCD iPhone is a step lower than the 5.8-inch OLED iPhone Xs. Earlier this week China Telecom published a new poster revealing that the new iPhone will arrive with Dual-SIM and dual standby support. Previous pricing rumors had pegged the iPhone Xs Max to be about $100 more expensive than the iPhone Xs. But they have naturally ramped up more recently, considering Apple will announce the new trio of devices this Wednesday, 12 September. And Italy tends to be among the first wave of countries to get the new iPhones when Apple unveils new devices. The larger iPhone Xs Max could approach $1,200, a price comprable to Samsung's latest phone, the Galaxy Note 9, which starts at $1,000 and costs $1,250 for the 512GB model. But the successor to the iPhone X is unlikely to be a true "cheap iPhone" as the one mentioned above. Furthermore, Apple is expected to come up with a new strategy for the Indian market this year.

Apple's biggest hardware event of the year is only a few days away.